There is no better time to be an investor than today. From soaring stocks to exploding industries, your potential to earn big has been virtually limitless since the March crash in 2020. With the cryptocurrency market surging to $2.48 trillion and many assets experiencing massive gains, everyone seems to be jumping into the markets — understandably so!

Still, for many, it can be challenging to know how to start.

At Surmount AI, we understand the doubts and fears that many can encounter when considering whether to venture into public markets and stress involved in the dramatic fluctuations in price action.
So to make that first step a little easier, we’ve developed AI and algorithmic-driven trading software to lead your way towards incredible (and automated) compounding profits.

Whether you’re a newcomer to trading or a long-time veteran, our systems are here to lend a helping hand. Here’s how:

They Remove the Uncertainty

One of the most common roadblocks preventing people from dipping their toes into cryptocurrencies and stocks is a fear of the unknown.

To some extent, they are not wrong for having such a hesitation.
Markets are more volatile than ever, and with prices fluctuating so aggressively, it can be extremely painful to get caught in a bad trade or have incorrect entry/exit strategies.

Surmount is able to mitigate these risks while maximizing on potential profits & opportunities with our automated trading systems. Thanks to our world-class team of quantitative analysts, we’re able to supply investors with software that is optimized through historical backtests to predict, evaluate, and improve trading strategies.

There’s No Emotion Involved

No matter how experienced you might be in trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, it’s nearly impossible to remove the natural stress that comes along with trading on your own. Though you might’ve nailed down a few winning strategies over time, the emotional and psychological aspects of trading will eventually find a way to trip you up sooner or later.

Thankfully, code doesn’t have that issue.

Since a neural network containing advanced alpha models will oversee your trades, the market’s emotional burden becomes a mere fraction of what it once was. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re completely immune from any pressure, it does mean that you can enjoy the relief of knowing a highly advanced system of correlating software is making those critical decisions for you.

You Can Diversify Across More Markets than Ever

When trading alone, you’ll soon find yourself limited by the number of timeframes, markets, and strategies you can partake in. This means you might be missing out on profitable choices as you manage your current portfolio. After all, there’s only so much our brains can focus on at once.

With a deep learning AI model carrying the burden of consistently strategizing position sizing and risk mitigation, you have the freedom to diversify more effortlessly than ever.

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